Photo Assignment #3

Greenwell_#3 (1)

I chose to do Exercise #3: The Lost World for this photo project.  I took this photo series at an abandoned apartment complex in Old Town, Pocatello. This complex was very strange and creepy. It looked like everyone packed up and left as quickly as they could leaving anything not important behind. You could tell people have explored the inside and taken what they wanted. One door was left open but I wasn’t going to go inside by myself so I captured the exterior and surrounding lot.


(Top left) This photo is the walkway to the side entrances of an abandoned apartment complex in old town Pocatello.

(Bottom second from the right)  This photo is the street in front of the abandoned apartment complex, it looks small from this angle, but it is very large if you step around the corner.

(Top right) This photo is a close-up of a ladder and broken wiring on the side of the building.

(Bottom right) This photo is a shot of the building through the fence next door capturing the old rustic

(Bottom second from the left) This photo is of a broken utility box next to the building, its much like the rest of the property broken and abandoned.

(Middle right) This photo is the back of the building, you can see the many entrances from this angle.

(Bottom left) This photo is from the alleyway and you can see how each of the windows is boarded up, making the world outside think its empty.

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